Spill Clean up Kits

Use the PESCO Spill Cleanup Kit for incidental spills of sulfuric acid. Each Kit includes everything required for cleanup nad disposal of neutralized acid. The DOT approved container can be used to transport both the neutralized and non-neutralized acid contaminated materials. Available in 14 Gallon, 20 Gallon and 30 Gallon.
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Air Monitoring

Hydrogen build up in battery rooms is a leading cause of personal injury and facilities damage. We carry a full line of gas detection and alarm systems for battery room applications. Our single and multi-sensor systems provide both LEL and PPM capabilities and all can be connected to central alarm and control systems.
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Insulated Tools

PESCO features CEMENTEX1000V insulated hand tools including torque wrenches, open and closed end wrenches and sets, composite screw and nut drivers, and ratchet sets. CEMENTEX tools are ASTM and OSHA compliant and tested to 10,000V. CEMENTEX flash and arc protection clothing and equipment meets the new standards for worker safety
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Safety Products

Pesco offers dozens of safety products for your battery room or any other industrial environment. Products include eye wash, emergency showers, eye protection, hand protection, hearing protection and much more.
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Spill Containment

Containment Configurator

For use in industrial battery room applications our systems provide a safe and reliable method for controlling acid spills. Our quality systems handle both absorption and neutralization of sulfuric acid or potassium hydroxide.

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